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the life and work of
a.d. williams, D. D.

by D.B. Montgomery

A. D. Williams made significant contributions to the Free Will Baptist movement as an editor, pastor, educator, and home missionary. This biography was published by D. B. Montgomery in 1905.

Historical files provided by Baptist Library Online, Mark Powell, editor.

Rev. Alvin Dighton Williams, D. D., was born at Smithfield Centre, Pennsylvania, Oct. 13, 1825. Converted at thirteen, he commenced preaching two and a half years later, gaining some notoriety as the "boy preacher." Ordained at Carolina Mills, Rhode Island in May 1848, Williams graduated from Hamilton College, New York, in 1849. He pastored churches at Carolina Mills and Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Lawrence, Massachusetts; Minneapolis and Fair Point, Minnesota; and Cheshire and Middleport, Ohio.

During his ministry, he baptized nearly five hundred converts and assisted in organizing many churches. He served as president of the Northwestern and West Virginia Colleges, was principal ol Nebraska State Normal School, and a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture.

He received the Doctor of Divinity degree in 1871 from Quincy College in Illinois. He was the editor of The Freewill Baptist Qurarterly, and wrote The Rhode Island Freewill Baptist Pulpit, The Support of the Ministry, Memorials of the Free Communion Baptists, and Four Years of Co-operation in Nebraska and Kansas.

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Biographical information taken from Free Baptist Cyclopedia.




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